Christopher Charles Terms of Business

Landlord’s Fees and charges

All lets are for a period of at least six months and there is a minimum charge of £600.00 plus VAT. Our fees are to be paid in one lump sum as soon as the contract has been signed, usually from the first month’s rent any shortfall shall be paid by the landlord.

For managed lets and non-managed, if the tenant leaves before the end of the term, we will find alternative tenants free of charge but no refund will be given.

Due to new legislation, for managed and non-managed lets, landlords must protect tenancy deposits. My Deposits has been awarded a government contract to operate an insurance based tenancy deposit scheme. Christopher Charles has registered with this scheme. The landlord will be charged for insuring the deposit. Should Christopher Charles manage the property then they will protect the deposit on behalf of the landlord and a charge of £42 inc VAT will apply at the commencement of each tenancy. In the event the property is non managed, the landlord is responsible for registering the deposit. For more information go to

Should you decide to sell your property to the tenants who have been initially introduced by Christopher Charles, at any stage during or after the term of the tenancy, you will be liable to pay our commission fee of 1.5% plus VAT.


Our fee for non-managed lets is 9.6% inc VAT (8% plus VAT).


Our fee for managing the property is 14.4% inc VAT (12% plus VAT).


These will be charged at the same rate as the services selected above.